Ms. Tara—A First-Class Private Tutor for Primary Level of Education in San Antonio, TX


Teaching Methods

Let your child master reading with the engaging phonemic awareness and sight word recognition activities from Private Tutoring and Enrichment by Tara Reed. She then incorporates math skills into the program once her pupils begin to master reading. 


Course Outline

Allow your children to undergo optimal brain development with early childhood education methods and activities. Ms. Tara also concentrates on building the children’s confidence through knowledge, which gives them a head start for the classroom.


Terms & Conditions

Depending on the age, she evaluates reading level, reading fluency, and comprehension. She takes care to observe whether the younger children are ready for instruction. Read her terms and conditions to understand how she helps the children. 

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Give your children a head start on their schooling with Private Tutoring and Enrichment by Tara Reed in San Antonio, Texas. She has more than ten years in the business of one-on-one tutoring services for pupils in the primary level of education. Ms. Tara focuses on teaching Pre-K through the second grade levels but also specializes in phonemic awareness. Her teaching methods involve fun games and activities, which is why her kids love her so much. She is a Certified Texas Educator.

Mission Statement
My primary goal is to foster a love of learning in my students and to be a facilitator to the parents.


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